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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Death of the WildWildWest.

Nick at Generic Heretic has a post on pending legislation attempting to change the structure of the internet by (it looks like) turning it over to phone companies. I don't know all the details, except that I know that everyone's fighting for control of the internet now, with international agencies like the UN trying to wrest control away from us. And now the U.S. Congress is getting in on the act. From what I know, it sounds like a bad idea. Freedom promotes growth, both intellectually, fiscally, and in entertainment. Handing it to the UN would be the worst idea possible, with all sorts of censorship issues, similar to those in China, going on. I could definitely see the UN seeking to appease all sorts of regimes by attempting to quell online dissent. But handing it to a monopolistic cabal is also a pretty bad idea in my opinion. It looks like I agree with Nick on this one. Amazing.


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