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Monday, April 10, 2006

French Government Caves

Surprisingly, the French government seems to have knuckled under to pressure to keep the status quo. In other news, sun rises, dog bites man, James ignores Property class. I've often thought that economics should be a mandatory class in high school here in the U.S. But everyone in Europe, including the leaders, should also be forced to take basic macro and micro, taught by someone who actually understands economics. France, (as Jason notes), once the country of "liberty, equality, fraternity", now has none (although arguably, it never did). It has no liberty, for employers, or those looking for work. (And immigrants here should look at the restrictive new immigration policy France is considering). It has no equality, because although immigrants are paid by the welfare state, they have no equality in finding work and something to do, because of the restrictive governmental structure, and creates a definite have/have-not duality. And it certainly has no fraternity, because as the riots earlier in the year suggest, few European countries are divided socially, religiously, economically, and in every other way. It's a great illustration of what exactly is the end-state of an economy run on socialist ideas, especially in a society with immigration and diversity.


Hey, I noted that only to make a point about the load of crap that Ehrenreich was peddling. As I noted earlier (in discussing Richard Weaver, I believe) on, L, E, F, was dead as soon as the French misinterpreted equality as equality of outcome, which essentially destroyed any possibility of fraternity, and has substantially limited their liberty. They really should change their revolutionary chant to just "Egalite!", but let's face it, that would still be a lie.
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