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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The GOP: Going the Way of the Democrats

Though more of a libertarian than the type of Republican that currently populates our nation's capital, I was nevertheless heartened after the last election. However, like many others, I am beginning to sour on the GOP, or perhaps have fully soured. This is not to say that the Democrats are any better, because far from doing what a minority must do, which is to make trouble by thinking up new and better ideas, and promulgating them, they have stuck to the tired old line that hasn't worked since the 60's. Anyway, at Fraters Libertas, there's a good article (quoting NRO and the WSJ) on the decline the Republican party, which is worthwhile to check out.

To sum up: here's the WSJ, "The last time the U.S. had a gasoline panic, in the wake of Katrina, some quick Bush Administration action and private ingenuity eased the problem in record time. Gasoline prices that had climbed above $3 a gallon quickly settled back closer to $2. Markets will make the same adjustments today if they are allowed to send price signals without Congress getting in the way. Republicans can blame business all they want for high prices, but sounding like liberal Democrats won't save them in November. "

Here's the NRO "Few things reveal the intellectual bankruptcy of Republicans in Washington 12 years after the Gingrich Revolution as much as the actions taken by congressional leaders and the White House in response to the recent hike in gasoline prices.As prices have soared to more than $3 per gallon, the Republican establishment has fueled hysteria by rallying around the idea that the higher costs are the result of dark forces at work in the economy."

And here's Chad the Elder, "For the record, I wouldn't vote for Bill Frist for dog catcher in chief in 2008, to say nothing of considering him as the Republican candidate for President."

I concur.


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