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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Guild

Volokh is discussing the ABA and accreditation here. Given that my Dad is Dean of a correspondance unaccredited law school, I suppose I should be against the ABA. I'm certainly against 211 and some of the other rules that the ABA is trying to push through for accreditation. Then again, I've always wanted to be in an exclusive club that keeps out qualified candidates, monopolizes an industry, and inefficiently raises the wages of its members.


Not that I support affirmative action, but it always drives me crazy when "diversity" is defined in terms of only race or gender. I think the most diversity comes from different socioeconomic backgrounds, which may be correlated with race/gender, but isn't necessarily caused by it.
I totally agree. I love diversity. But diversity isn't just a plethora of skin pigmentation, or a good mix of women and men. Diversity of ideas, experiences, cultures, etc, are usually what we mean when we say diversity. But, as you say, they aren't always a function of race and gender. I wouldn't mind some socio-economic affirmative action, at least compared to the system many schools have now.
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