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Monday, April 03, 2006

Harry Niska

Apparently we've been getting a lot of traffic from people curious about Harry Niska. I must confess a similar curiousity. Jason and I started posting on this blog in this, our 1L year, without knowledge of any standing battles that came along with the territory. Apparently a certain Mr. Leiter has had some sort of grudge against Mr. Niska, a former contributor to this blog. Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge of this dispute, but given that it apparently led to conflict and conflict subsequently led to interest and debate, I will have to join on the side of my interesting compatriot, Mr. Niska. Mr. Leiter, you are indeed an academic thug.

EDIT: Here's a post from the archives that explains everything. Harry Niska looks to be an intelligent and reasonable human being. Which makes it a shame that he's the one who gets to have the fun confrontations.


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