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Monday, April 24, 2006


Iran's still beating its chest. If this gets much worse, I might rethink my somewhat wobbly support for the Iraq war. Taking out dictators who routinely trample on human rights, gas, maim, and rape their people, and live sumptuously on the blood of the poor, which in their country is everybody, is one thing. But now we've got a lot of troops committed, and the administration has spent most of their "political war capital". The public appreciated the need for the war in Afghanistan. They were less appreciative of the need for a war in Iraq. They'd revolt if we went into a long term campaign in Iran. And yet it looks more and more like Iran demands our attention, diplomatically certainly, and perhaps eventually militarily. Any regime that continually and simultaneously develops nuclear weapons while manifesting their desire to wipe one of their neighbors, and one of our greatest friends, off the face of the earth, is a regime that will in all probability not be stopped by a visit from Madeleine Albright or Condaleeza Rice (though the former apparently can leg press 400 pounds, according to the NYT magazine, never one to exaggerate the accomplishments of liberals). I pray for wisdom for our leaders, because we're in deep waters now folks.


Comments: husband, who supported neither the Afghani war nor the Iraqi war, supports a war on Iran. Effectively, his argument is that they are an actual threat to the U.S., where as the Afghanis and Iraqis were not.

At this point, I can think of all kinds of awful scenarios that involve either us bombing thousands of civilians or Iranians launching guerrilla attacks on coalition troops in Iraq.
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