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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back in the Saddle: A Post About Nothing

I started summer classes today, one of which is Evidence.  In honor of this happy day, I will (re) offer for your consideration The Hearsay Exception Movie! (you might have to turn your volume up a bit)

Turns out both real Christianity and The Da Vinci Code (yes, I know, it's fiction) have it all wrong.  Not only was Jesus married, it was to a Japanese woman, his brother took his place on the cross, and he is buried in Japan.

But the real question for those of you taking Family Law is this: If Jesus had lived in Pennsylvania and filed for divorce before he died, disregarding the whole resurrection thing, could that divorce have been finalized AFTER he died.  

What if he had a prenuptial agreement (premise wearing thin) WRITTEN IN BLOOD?

Off that line, but back on to religion.  Specifically, the politics of kneeling in the Catholic church.  Apparently at some point it became a contentious issue, to the point that some priests have deemed it a sin of the rebellious sort.  Go figure.  I won't go into a huge critique of the article (and don't even get me started on the constant need of news articles to mention the DVC), but I think it would be fair to guess from some of the lines that the author is not Catholic.  One line:

"One flashpoint involves the Agnus Dei. Traditionalists say the faithful must then fall to their knees in awe for several minutes, believing that the bread and wine are literally the body and blood of Christ."  

It isn't the Agnus Dei that is at issue, nor transubstantiation, merely whether one should kneel at that point in the Mass.  

Come to think of it the article's treatment of Vatican II is a bit questionable as well.  I could go on and on, but it would probably bore most of you…

I saw this on Southern Appeal and The Corner a day or two ago, worth a look.  I think whatever your opinion of reproductive choice you have to acknowledge that this is a frivolous, foolish, and cruel use of it.  Since this was in Britain, you might want to look at this (though I can't attest to its accuracy, so do your own search to check if you'd like) for the relevant legal background there.

And this, like the invisibility cloak before it, is just simply awesome.

Less awesome is the passing of veteran character actor Paul Gleason (of "This is some pad Wilder... Decorated in early f@$%!" and some movie with Emilio Estevez back in 1985, fame).  

More awesome is this interview in Der Spiegel, where the interviewer sets Iranian President Ahmadinejad straight on history.  I won't post any of it here, you really need to read the whole thing.

Less awesome is that this guy is President of Iran.  


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