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Monday, May 22, 2006

Come on, would an English major be that hard?

I've been scrounging for something interesting to post on, what with the current cease-fire and all (Ivan explains, or rather, doesn't, if you follow the link), and here's one thing that I found terribly amusing (from the WSJ, ht Fraters Libertas):

"Those of us saddened by the declining fortunes of the newspaper industry had hoped that shrinking newspaper staffs would have at least one salutary effect: fewer journalism-school graduates. This has not proved to be the case. In 2005, newspapers cut 2,000 jobs; this spring more people graduated from journalism schools than ever before."

This isn't so much about disdain for journalists, I just never really took journalism programs (the reporting variety at least) that seriously.  My impression was that a lot of the people in them didn't either, or worse, went entirely the other direction.  Nothing worse than a j-schooler who thinks he can save the world.    


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