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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'll Have the Motivation, Please!

Today I visited Stillwater Prison with some people from my crimlaw class. And it was fun. So fun, that I wanted to stay, and not ever think about petitioning again. As regular readers of this blog know (if they exist outside of my own mind), I have very little chance of making a journal that puts any priority on writing ability. But still I struggle on, boats against the current, etc. On a lighter note, a college newspaper ran some offensive cartoons aimed at Christianity. Although some Christian students complained, and asked for the school to revoke funding for the publication, there were no violent riots. Nice people don't usually get what they want. It'd put me in the mood for some violent riots in favor of limited government, and all my other pet ideas, but I still have some vague memory of the crime of "incitement", and the interior of Stillwater prison, so I think I'll pass. Maybe, instead, I'll write a strong letter.


I ended up on the waiting list for the tour - I guess it was popular!
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