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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not law related, move along...

Fox 9 just had a report on some cleaner called Fabuloso, which apparently looks like a drink.  So they tested it on kids.  I can't tell how old the kids are, I didn’t happen to catch that part, but the reporter did a little test with children in a school, showing multiple bottles, some conventional cleaners, some drinks (Gatorade, etc…).  

Here's the thing: they showed the Fabuloso bottle SIDEWAYS, so the label was impossible to see (the kids didn't handle the bottle).  

Toward the end they showed one little girl the bottle head-on and pointed out the MOP on the front, and guess what, she understood that it was cleaner.  Now, I can't say that kids couldn’t be confused; it does look like a Gatorade knockoff of some sort, but honestly, you're doing this on TV, I'm not blind, and I doubt every single kid would have picked it as a drink (which was how the story was presented) had they been shown the bottle head on, as the other products were.  


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