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Monday, May 08, 2006

Probably at 2006 right about now.

We've just crossed 2,000 hits on our sitemeter account.  
Not bad considering:
1. We've been active since then end of October.
2. James put the meter on the blog sometime during February.
3. I managed to unintentionally remove it at some point in February.  

1. This would qualify as a good hour for Volokh or a good 45 minutes for PowerLine.
2. This includes a lot of click-throughs from places like Brazil.
3. We have yet to have a visitor from Alaska (at least to my knowledge).
4. I want to go to Alaska, ideally to work.  
5. I really shouldn't care right now, given my Crim Law final in less than 12 hours.

In other news I got a papercut while I was doing some printing earlier.  First I thought "man that smarts" (but more colorfully).  Then I thought "this is probably the worst thing that can really happen to me in this field" (at least in terms of work related accidents). Then I went to Chipotle.  


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