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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


First, I've finished one exam, so there are but three to go in my 1L year. Will I miss this year? I can't imagine it'll get tougher, but the 2L's and 3L's assure me that it will be so. Whatever. All I know is that I have conlaw on friday.

Second, I came across this interesting bit of propanda from the 40's the other day. It was an interesting reminder of a different time, a time that certainly was by no means perfect, and had many less desirable aspects than the time we live in. This clip just reminded me of a time when people realized that sometimes military force was necessary. But, I'm certainly not in favor of blindly accepting government propaganda, and in fact, I don't like propaganda as a form of disseminating information. The same bombastic and propagandistic tone of that clip, however, still exists. And it's echoed in the latter part of the cartoon. Taxes, not to build guns, nor to bury the Axis, but to conquer hunger and poverty, here and in all parts of the world, should be gladly given. I don't like the blind trusting of government to take care of our problems. When those problems can only be taken care of militarily (and sorry, those problems do exist and will never cease to exist), government is our best way of organizing resources to fight. But problems like poverty, hunger, and ahem, gas shortages, cannot be fought by government. And yet people buy the blind propaganda. Eliot Spitzer is using misinformation and bad economics to scare people into buying a stupid plan. So is Dick Durbin. And so, unfortunately, is our President. I still think economics should be mandatory for public officials. And if only our public school system hadn't robbed most of our voting citizens of the ability to think logically or with common sense about the issues of the day. Oh well.


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