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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Hate to move," sighed Sally Carrol lazily, "but I reckon so."

I've decided that reading is simply too much work, so today I downloaded some podcasts.  First was Ann Althouse, who I started reading because a friend of mine at UW had her for Con Law.  I generally find at least one interesting item on her blog (which, incidentally, seems to be the main topic of the podcast) in a day, and it generally isn't a nod-along like some others that I read, so I decided to give her a listen.  It's interesting enough, but a little slow in moving through topics.  It's also interesting to note that this is podcast only (unlike the PowerLine guys with the radio show); it must be nice to be a Law professor.  Anyway, good for her for doing it, I certainly never could, what with hating the sound of my voice recorded and all.  Plus it would take extra effort.  

With tomorrow the first day of summer I decided that I actually should exert enough effort to re-read F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "The Ice Palace", the full text of which is conveniently available online.  I've always found Fitzgerald's (Sally Carrol's in the story) notion of people as being canine or feline (regardless of sex) interesting, and I especially like the North/South contrast, but for all of the heat related imagery he conjures up, he utterly omits the fact that it does get hot in Minnesota.  Yes, really hot, not just warm.  We've been fortunate the last few days, but it probably won't last, and when the heat does rear its ugly head again in, I will slow down.  

That explains the lulls in posting and my general lack of productivity, right?


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