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Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Supreme Court Watching

I was poking around the Drudge Report just now and saw a link titled "Supreme Court Faces Shortage of Cases," which was also the title of the article.  "No way!" I thought.  Turns out there really is no shortage (well, maybe a shortage of good, to the point headlines), the Justices have just been a bit slow in filling their oral argument calendar for the fall.  

"Justices are running well behind in filling their argument calendar for the term that begins in the fall. They have accepted 18 cases, compared with 27 by this time last year and 32 in 2004.

The nine members of the court have wide discretion in deciding what cases to review. An important part of their jobs _ done with substantial help of law clerks _ is sifting through the nearly 9,000 appeals filed each year and picking about 80 to consider."

Does that sound like a case shortage to you?  I'm not really trying to criticize anything here, except maybe the headline that had me worried about my choice of career, since I would guess that the number of appeals filed with the Supreme Court must have some correlation to the general legal market.  


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