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Monday, June 26, 2006


It might be the sleep deprivation talking, but NRO has scads of interesting stuff today.  

Andrew McCarthy has a follow up of sorts to the piece on the Times that I linked last week.  

Blog Row just keeps growing, with the Mona Log (get it?) debuting today.  Mona Charen is a longtime commentator and sometime speechwriter with a JD from GWU.  

WFB weighs in on Slate's account of W's verbal clumsiness and alleged stupidity.  This was a topic much kicked around the Volokh Conspiracy lately (Maybe they could get Bill as a guest-blogger?  He's not a lawyer, but he was accepted to YLS at one point, so maybe he could get in as a 0L student.).  

A couple of amusing and mostly light reads: Tim Carney on the differences between Homeland Security and 24. Richard Stevens on the push for "fundamental rights" for great apes in Spain.  

There's more (as always, I've just been neglecting it lately), but I'll stop here for now.
Note: Jonah Goldberg's links no longer open in new windows.  Considering that when I first started reading The Corner this was an important factor in determining whether to follow links or not (though honestly, I often still did the right click-open in new window anyway), I am silently shaking my fist at him through the wires.  Then again, I got too lazy to insert the necessary line, so if I expect you to deal with it, I guess I should too.  


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