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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sometimes Death is a Happy Thing

Sure, perhaps Zarquai will be replaced. Perhaps his death will lead to sectarian violence. This might lead to instability. But frankly, I'm just happy we killed this so and so. On a related point, I was listening to talk radio (sports talk radio, to be exact), and they had author Vince Flynn on. And he made an interesting point, I think. He mentioned that we had somewhat mishandled the war planning, and his alternative I think made sense. He thought that we were occasionally too timid to get our hands dirty, except in sporadic outbursts of senseless and misguided individual violence. Frankly, at some point, if war is going to be waged, then the first goal is to win. If someone had told me that Zarquawi was in a house, but that to get him, we'd have to destroy half a block of civilian housing, I'd do it, with no qualms. Of course, the war is not with civilians, and civilian casualities should be avoided if possible. However, at some point, a long view needs to be taken. Flynn noted that had we just crushed the insurgency where we knew it was, by absolutely destroying its headquarters, we would perhaps been in better shape, as opposed to sporadically having to face small outbursts. It's easy for me to say from here, I suppose. Anyway, the point is, I'm happy Zarquawi is dead, and hopefully his followers will either have a change of heart, or die as well.


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