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Friday, July 07, 2006

America: Exclusive Home of Racial Tension

One of my favorite hockey blogs, off wing opinion, had a link to a story by the Guardian (or at least the guardian blog) on the at least distasteful, and possibly racist new PSP ads. There's nothing new in the story, and everyone's seen the pictures. But here's my favorite quote from the post:

Importantly perhaps, the ads are for the European release of the white PSP and are appearing on billboards in Amsterdam rather than in the US where racial tension remains a fraught issue.

Because Amersterdam has no racial tension. And neither does Europe. In fact, the US has the exclusive pattent on it. Oh, and in other news, Le Pen in France and a bunch of neo-nazis in Germany have been bemoaning the "impurity" of their world cup teams, and in the Germans' case, actually threatening some of the black players on their country's team. But anyway, the point is, that unfortunately, I see ads like this proliferating in the next few years. If one is sufficiently edgy/offensive, instead of being ignored, their ads will be widely disseminated and discussed all over the web, with people who are upset by them not upset enough to boycott, and people who aren't intrigued by the product being advertised. I see this as a harbinger of things to come.


It's funny because there are people out there who happily boycott buying PSP games because they don't want their firmware to be updated. Would anyone boycott because of a risque ad campaign? I suspect you're right and the answer to that question is probably not.

Does this campaign warrant a boycott? Not for me, but then I've already know that SONY tends to lean towards stupidity more often that not, and I refrain from buying their products anyway (PSP and PSx are badwords in my language).
If I had any money, I would definitely be an Xbox guy rather than a Sony guy, but not because I like Microsoft. Pretty much the only electronic company that has my loyalty is Apple. And that whole rootkit thing was terrible.
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