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Monday, July 31, 2006

Best. Deposition. Ever.

Check this out. Youtube is brilliant. Joe Jamail, a wealthy Texas law school alum, and prominent donor to the UTexas football team almost gets in a fight with an elderly man during a deposition. One of the best clips I've ever seen in my life. I had no idea that seemingly boring cases were infused with so much vigor and fraught with so much interest. This almost makes me reconsider my career choices (or would make me reconsider if I had made any, although of course I haven't even begun to consider them). What fun!


Note for anyone who might read this: don't try to write comments on two different blogger sites at the same time, you'll probably lose whatever you've typed.

Ok, for the post. Worth noting that even though this has been around, it is still hilairious. Right up there with Ted Stevens and the series of massive tubes. Now, things that I haven't seen mentioned as often: 1) Jamail himself is something like 81 years old, and 2) Brian Leiter holds a chair named after Jamail (how fitting-ht KBJ).
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