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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sports and Government

After the end of the World Cup, the future of soccer in America once again looks bright (though we've been hearing about the "bright future" of soccer in America for some time now). However, this can't be helping matters. Apparently, Massachusetts is trying to pass legislation to ban "headers" and mandate helmets for soccer players. And no this isn't a joke. And yes it applies to everyone in Massachusetts, not just children under 5. You know big government has gotten way out of hand when it's banning practices essential to a sport because it might cause some damage. Guess what? If the high school/college players are getting headaches and concussions from their sport, they can simply QUIT. Nobody's forcing anybody to play soccer. I played hockey, and got several injuries (mostly to my ego). If the injuries had concerned me that much, I would have stopped playing the game, not lobbied government to make sure that no injury would ever happen to me or anybody else. It seems to me that this is just the ridiculous continuation of seatbelt, motorcycle helmet, and to some extent even smoking laws. If a person knows the risks inherent in their activities, and doesn't mind risking injury or even death, they should be allowed to continue without interference from the government. Of course, this brings up the whole question of whether we should be forced to subsidize that risk, and pay for the risky behavior of others through government programs. But that's another question and another rant. So just sit and contemplate with me for a second. Massachusetts is trying to ban "heading" and forcing soccer players to wear helmets. What is this world coming to?


So is this where I sign up to rail acidly about the silliness of local government?

Or is this where I seek evidence that stupidity exists in all shapes, sizes and forms?

Damn it, if I have to wear a helmet I better be allowed to sell advertising space at the very least.
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