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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer Reading

I've just finished reading Jeffrey Hart's The Making of the American Conservative Mind: National Review and Its Times.  I've had the book since December but didn't get around to reading it until the past few weeks.  My take, in (very) short: very good, definitely worth reading.  Hart is thorough in his examination of the past 50 years, and his inside perspective, having been a senior editor (among other things) is invaluable. Do yourself a favor and pick it up, but be warned: reading this book will make your "Things to Read" list longer, not shorter.  

Incidentally, the book was published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.  I've been an ISI member for a couple of years now, and their Intercollegiate Review (a semiannual journal) is always a good read.  They are in the midst of some sort of membership drive right now, hence this short plug.  Membership is free for students and academics.  When I joined new members received one of their "A Student's Guide to (fill in the blank)" books, a short overview and introduction to a subject area, free.  I chose "A Student's Guide to Political Philosophy," by Harvey Mansfield, which was (and is) good, but for those of you already in or about to enter law school, the new "A Student's Guide to the Study of Law" by Notre Dame Law Prof. Gerald Bradley would be the natural choice.  
Like I said, all gain, no pain, it is FREE.  


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