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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This Post is Title-less...Like the Cubbies

I'm either too busy or too lazy to track down the links to all these happenings, but you're smart people. Find them yourselves. Seriously. Do I have to do everything? Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a legal blog, I figured it wouldn't hurt to branch out into the sporting realm, just this once. Two stories caught my eye.

Zidane headbutts some dude. Sure it was classless. Sure it may have cost his team the game, though Barthez was going to have to invest in a job lot of bricks and morter to keep any goals out. Seriously, worst goalie ever. I was on a hockey team where the goalie was very poor at shootouts. I was able to go five hole every time. In fact, he was the only goalie I was really ever able to score on with any consistency (read: more than once). But congratulations Ben Parker. I thought giving up goals to me was bad. But Barthez was much, much worse. And back to the point, I second Dr. Z's thought's on the matter (again I"m not linking to it, but it's at I'm happy to see some toughness on the field. The diving and whinging and crying and the frequent stretcher calls can get a bit ridiculous. It was somewhat nice to see a guy stand up for himself. (And no this isn't a anti-world cup rant. I liked almost every aspect of the world cup, except for the wussiness of the participants.)

A blogger fools WCCO by pretending to be former Twins nobody Dan Serafini. I actually heard the interview, and I had no idea. It's awesome that WCCO has so little fact checking that they just run with some guy from a blog with the name Serafini in the title. Maybe that's why you're losing the Twins, huh, Sid? By the way, the story's on


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