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Monday, September 18, 2006


Surprise! Violence over the Pope's remarks! Who saw this coming? Does anybody in the Muslim community see the irony of this situation? "Islam is violent" says the Pope. "How dare you?", says Muslims, "Take it back or we'll threaten your life, exhibit generally violent behavior, and stab one of your followers to death!" And that deafening silence you hear is the Muslim community expressing outrage towards the "minority" that is giving it a bad name. Let's update the scoreboard. Christian expressing doubt as to the direction of Islam, and calling it violent? The most outrageous statement ever, and "Hitler-esque". Muslims rioting, looting, and killing innocent nuns? Not a problem. If I were a Muslim, I'd be so embarrassed.


And some are.

It's a link to a friend of mine, and thankfully I know lots more like him
That is indeed encouraging. However, he seems like a voice crying in the wilderness. Hearing this from a blogger is heartening, but still isolated.
Oh please. I doubt you appreciate being lumped in with all Christians everywhere, so why do you constantly insist on doing it to Muslims?
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