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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Scary News

Well, we've not only got a nuclear North Korea (though their warhead might be less powerful than before thought), Iran with its wacked-out leader, terrorists all over the place, Croatians forming swastikas at soccer games (check out, etc. And meanwhile, Russia is quietly centralizing power again. A critic of Putin's is dead. Actually, make that ANOTHER of Putin's critics is dead. Fraters Libertas has a good article of journalistic courage, comparing the dead Russian journalist to Keith Olbermann and his ilk, unfavorably to the latter. Despite the serious issues raised by this bit of news, and the implications not only for the region but the world, as Russia starts to centralize again, I only linked to the article because somebody said what I've been thinking for some time. Olbermann is way too full of himself. He takes the easy shots at the pompous O'Reilly, without apparently realizing that he's perilously close to taking the lead in the race for most pretentious journalist. (Obviously he'd still lose to Moore and Coulter, but they're not really journalists.) Basically, Olbermann's a no-talent hack who should go back to sports.


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