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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

I barely watched the State of the Union address last night; just the end really.  I know I'm supposed to care, but Veronica Mars was new, won't be all over the news today, and wouldn't carry as well in transcript form.  I happened to switch the TV to ABC, only to see Charlie Gibson (talking to John McCain) repeatedly refer to American soldiers as "kids" and "young kids," and it rubbed me the wrong way.  Somehow it didn't bother me coming out of John McCain (I think he used the word first and CG went with it).

I wonder if the typical soldier would appreciate being referred to as a "kid."  

Ok, I give up.  I'm writing this right now a little after 9:30pm, but won't be able to post until Wednesday morning.  Sorry if I mix tenses.  No wait, I'm not.  

Hillary Clinton just called the Democrats an "evidence based party."  What does that even mean?

Well, at least Charlie called her on the "symbolic votes" against the "surge" and Democrats wanting to have it both ways on Iraq.  

She thinks we might make some progress by cutting money to Iraqi troops.  

I don't like using the word "surge" here, mostly because it reminds me of the soft drink made by Coca-Cola from the mid to late nineties, which seems to have been resurrected as Vault.  Really, think about it, it's the same thing.  At least they don't have the horrible commercials this time.  That or I don't watch as much TV.  

On to Obama.  Are presidential politics going to interfere with the next two years?  He gives the "well, it surely won't interfere with ME getting my work done" answer.  Smooth.  Then just platitudes and stock talking points.  See, this is another reason I DIDN'T watch the address.  

That's about enough politics; I'll stop now.  


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