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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Le Pen is Back

Continuing my trend of only focusing on straw men, French Nazi Le Pen has been speaking out lately. He doesn't think 9/11 was that big a deal, and notes that more people than that have died in Iraq. This isn't that newsworthy, I just thought it was worth noting that Le Pen is still around and kicking. Any country that allows somebody like this buffoon to get as large a share of the vote as he usually does has major problems.


Part of the problem is that in Europe nationalism is tied to ethnicity. You're not counted as truly French unless you're ethnically French.

Resurgences of European nationalism are errors of their own kind, but I think they are largely in response to perceived threats by Muslim immigrants.

I think Sam Harris recently remarked that only the fascists seem to fully recognize the threat posed by Muslims. Sam Harris, however, being an angry atheist, might have a very broad idea of what a "fascist" is.
are there any happy atheists?!?! jesus is happiness.

obviously, religious beliefs determine how broadly one defines fascism.
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