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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Symposium, cont.

Simon at Stubborn Facts has a nice recap of the Student Symposium panels from last Saturday.

I would challenge him to a duel for compromising the secrecy of our fair society, but Grand Master Prof. Steven Calabresi made it fairly clear through the weekend that he does not approve of dueling, even if it is consensual.  


Jason - briefs at dawn! ;)

There was, of course, plenty of stuff that got kept off the record - apart from a couple of personal anecdotes (my getting starstruck by Judge Sykes and, to a lesser extent, by John McGinnis' mere office door), I tried to confine my remarks to the stuff that was being captured on tape, which seemed like fair game. The only real exception is Part IV, a couple of points from Randy & Orin's seminar which I thought outstandingly merited reproduction, and I made those points only after getting permission from the Dynamic Duo.)

Besides, no one outside of the society is going to believe any of this after reading footnote 1. ;) All this reporting on substantive debate is but a facade for our secret deliberations on how to take over the world. ;)
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