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Monday, April 09, 2007

Asking the right questions.

My buddy Richard Lindzen (ok, I made that first part up) has an article on climate change called "No Such Thing As a "Perfect" Temperature" in the upcoming Newsweek. Scoff if you like at it being in Newsweek, but Lindzen is as good as anyone at representing the skeptical position here. From my experience, too many people involved or interested in the climate change debate/discussion (I'm thinking activists, not academics) treat the issue as a single question with a single answer, when in reality there are probably more like five or six that must be answered before any "action" should be taken. Lindzen deals with that, among other things. Obligatory teaser:

"Moreover, actions taken thus far to reduce emissions have already had negative consequences without improving our ability to adapt to climate change. An emphasis on ethanol, for instance, has led to angry protests against corn-price increases in Mexico, and forest clearing and habitat destruction in Southeast Asia."


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