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Thursday, April 12, 2007


So, this is blowing up. Seems that it's obligatory to have at least one racial kerfluffle every two or three months. First, let me clear up one thing. I personally think Imus and his ilk are no-talent hacks. I think the "nappy-headed hos" was obviously a racial comment, and was a pretty asinine thing to say. But, I think the problem is not with racism in our culture necessarily, or with Don Imus in particular. I personally think the problem is that our culture has begun to prize inflammatory speech purely for its value as an offensive statement to somebody else. It's why our level of political discourse is at about a third-grade level, and a rather angry third-grader at that. It's why Carlos Mencia has a job. So, don't blame this on Imus, per se. Don't try to claim that this is unearthing the hidden racist tendencies of White people. The problem needs to be combated in every facet of culture. It's not a white thing, an old-person thing, or a radio thing. On another note, check out Jason Whitlock's column on the subject. I'd have to say that I agree with him on a lot of issues, and I think he does a good job on this one.

EDIT: The Village Voice breaks down something TRULY offensive. I'm speaking of course of the song "This is Why I'm Hot".


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