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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Free Online Harry Reid Translator

Regarding Former Solicitor General Ted Olson: "He's a partisan, and the last thing we need as an attorney general is a partisan," Reid told Reuters in a brief hallway interview on Capitol Hill.

Translation: "The President likes him, and he isn't incompetent, therefore I don't."

Kind of makes me wonder. Reid probably thinks it was a smart move to jump all over Ted, who had been getting a lot of buzz lately. But what if Olson (who I think would be a fine AG) was just a decoy? What if Karl Rove had this all planned out before he left? Of course, devious plans like that are only cool if the real nominee is someone even better.

Weak first post back, I know, but I think Reid sounds like an idiot here. "He's a partisan." Senator Reid, do you mean to say that there are partisan folks involved in politics? I always thought that folks like John Ashcroft, Janet Reno, Ramsey Clark, and Bobby Kennedy were straight down the middle registered independent type folks. At least Wendy Long knows what's going on:

Wendy Long, counsel for the conservative Judicial Confirmation Network, said Democrats want to declare victory without having to fight and appear to be obstructionists.

"They would love to be able to say they scared the White House out of nominating Olson," she said. "At this point, if Bush nominates anyone other than Olson, they will take credit for it."



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