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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

War Is Never a Good Idea

From what Blogger's dashboard tells me, this will be the 666th post on FritzFeds. I sure am glad that I'm not superstitious.

Alice Walker has a new children's book out called "Why War Is Never a Good Idea."

Yesterday, kids were herded in by the hundreds to hear her profound insights.

"Dianne Lundberg, teacher-librarian at the school, helped coordinate the talk with the University Book Store in Mill Creek as it promotes Walker's new book.

'It is a profound book," Lundberg said.'"

How profound? Feast your eyes on this:

"One illustration showed frogs on a lily pad, about to be flattened by a camouflaged truck tire.

'Though war knows every language, it never knows what to say to frogs,' she said, reading from her book. 'They do not see war.'"

War Is Never a Good Idea. QED.

Wait, was the truck camouflaged or was the tire? I'm confused.

"Arie Martinet, a fourth-grade student who visited the library after the assembly, said she enjoyed the talk.

'It was really inspiring,' Martinet said. 'War is never a good idea. We're all human and we can get along nicely so why should there be war?'"

Well played Arie, well played.

Lest I be accused of making fun of nine year olds:

"'It is a profound book,' Lundberg said."

On Amazon, Stephanye Monahan agrees:

"On the surface this book appears to be for a child ... the illustrations are excellently executed and provide sub-text, but the theme is adult and universal and, given the sad state of global affairs, the pictures may be helpful for comprehension by even our governmental "leaders" and "war mongers." I recommend this highly for any age, gender, ethnicity, or social standing. Bravo! to Ms. Alice Walker."

Ummm, Steph, did you really want war mongers in scare quotes?

At least young Arie has an excuse for her naivete.


I think this book can be filed under the same catagory as "Why Mommy is a Democrat". Can you imagine the media reaction if somebody wrote a childrens book titled "Why War is Sometimes Necessary"?
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